Disaster Ready Communities

  • Building Community Resilience

    To increase resilience at the grassroots level, we've been holding disaster preparedness awareness sessions with local community groups and networks.

  • Disaster Ready Communities launch

    What are you doing in the good times to make sure you’re ready to help each other when it really matters?

    We recently launched ‘Disaster Ready Communities’, a resource designed to promote and support community resilience in the face of natural disasters in the form of animation. Delegates from a number of disaster management groups, local emergency services, and non-profit organisations came together with Volunteering Queensland at the State Library of Queensland to view the animations and participate in activities whilst networking and discussing how they planned to utilise the resources.

  • Resilience Week Blog: Wednesday

    Wednesday saw the launch of Disasters: Know Your Role - an exciting resource that brings the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements to the community in an accessible and interactive way. 

  • Is my local community prepared?

    Why does it matter if your community is prepared?

    You have your emergency kit, a get-away plan and are ready to roll come what may... so who cares if there's fisticuffs at the supermarket emptying the shelves, if people are grid-locking the highways trying to get away or get home...

  • Rotary Capalaba

    During the floods, the Capalaba Rotary Club found multiple ways to help the community, and they continue to play an ongoing role supporting community recovery.

    Their contributions include working directly with homeowners as the flood waters peaked and receded. Their numbers grew as the days progressed and their tireless volunteers working in several communities including West End and Rocklea. They held a combined Rotary Garage Sale over two weekends which raised $93,000!