Disaster Ready Communities_ACT

  • Green Cross launches new website to assist ACT residents to be disaster ready

    The website ACT First helps to create empowered communities who are aware of their risks and are better prepared to respond to - and survive - severe weather events or natural disasters.

    The website is an easy to use, personalised online resource to help residents of the Australian Capital Territory prepare for natural disasters. It aims to boost readiness and resilience with customised preparedness information for each user. ACT First has been developed by Green Cross Australia with a partnership with the ACT Government and support from the Australia National University; it is funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

  • Volunteering and Contact ACT’s role in emergency recovery

    As the peak body for volunteering in the ACT, Volunteering and Contact ACT holds the responsibility under the ACT Community Recovery Plan to coordinate spontaneous volunteers.

  • Why should I prepare?

    The government expects that you will be able to look after yourself for up to 72 hours, without official external help.

    As we saw during the 2003 bushfires, with most of the ACT a disaster-declared area, sometimes the scale of the disaster is simply too great. The government and emergency services simply can't help everyone at once.

  • Is my local community prepared?

    Why does it matter if your community is prepared?

    You have your emergency kit, a get-away plan and are ready to roll come what may... so who cares if there's fisticuffs at the supermarket emptying the shelves, if people are grid-locking the highways trying to get away or get home...